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Block release (sandwich) training course

The apprenticeship training course cycle spans over three years with time shared between the school and working for companies. The student is gradually expected to work more independently and is asked to take on more responsibilities as the company-based component intensifies and becomes more prominent as the course progresses.

A well-balanced and comprehensive course, the apprenticeship training scheme involves:

  • 1800 hrs of academic training
  • approximately 3000 hrs working for a company:
    • five professional periods each lasting over two months on average
    • a period spent working abroad
    • an end-of-studies engineering project

Apprenticeship scheme calendar

calendrier de l'alternance

Key -> blue: periods at ENSSAT; grey: periods working for companies, orange: period spent abroad.

As an employee with a work contract, the apprentice is a fully-fledged member of company staff. They embrace company culture, applicable work tools and methods.

The apprentice is supported throughout the course by a mentor and an appointed guidance teacher.

is responsible for:

  • defining targets which fit coherently with the academic side of the course
  • monitoring the apprentice’s induction
  • supporting the apprentice as they develop the engineering skills required to work efficiently
  • assessing the apprentice’s progress

They are the chosen intermediary between the apprentice and the apprenticeship mentor.

Their role is to:

  • approve the projects undertaken whilst working for companies
  • coordinate the apprentice-school-company relationship
  • monitor and assess the apprentice’s progress