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A high-level scientific, technological and humanities training course

ENSSAT students are gifted with strong deductive skills coupled with sound scientific and technological knowledge. They are able to garner team support for their technological choices through their commitment and interpersonal qualities. Their ability to adapt their knowledge to evolving technological surroundings comes naturally.

Through its higher education initial training and in-service training, the college issues 4 engineering diplomas recognised by the French Engineering Accreditation Institution (Commission des Titres d'Ingénieurs) focused within 4 specialised fields of expertise:

Specialised fields of expertise:

For its specialised Electronics, Computing and Photonics courses, ENSSAT recruits from two main academic pools: intensive foundation degree students and advanced technician certificated students. The first semester, known as the « adjustment semester »  is tailored to each student's academic background.  This facilitates the transition into the engineering training course, the key to success for everyone.

The computing, media and networks specialised course is an engineering training program with alternating periods spent at the college and working for companies. Students who select this course enjoy the benefit of having work contracts.

Exchange student semester programmes

We are delighted that you consider choosing ENSSAT for your semester abroad experience. Here you will find the different programmes offered in English. Do not hesitate to contact us to have more details.