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Work placement

The final year of engineering training is heavily focused on the need to acquire professional experience. Our students must complete a work placement with a minimum duration of 5 months.

In order to provide our students with a wide range of suitable options in line with their wishes and to accommodate the needs of the companies we work with, we offer different types of placements:

  • Standard 5-month work placement completed at the end of the engineering studies, from April to August
    It is possible to add a « company management » component for students also enrolled in a Business Administration Master's degree.

During this work placement, the student takes on an engineering workload under the guidance of a company employee who acts as a tutor. Their progress is also monitored by a a member of the ENSSAT teaching staff.

For those studying the « Company Management and Administration » module as part of their course, a representive from the Management Institute in Rennes is also appointed. The work placement can take place in France or abroad.

  • Professional training contract from September to September

This placement begins with a full-time work period of one month in September (at the selected company).

During the following months, the students spend the beginning of the week being taught at ENSSAT and the second part of the week working at the company.

The final phase is a full-time work period at the business from April until the end of July. This option presents geographical limitations as the student must share their time between both establishments (the college and the company).

  • Research Masters work placement
    From October, incorporating a bibliographic requirement, followed by a full-time work period from February to June-September.

The research Masters placement option is available to students working towards a research Masters diploma. The work placements are more theory-based and can take place in laboratories or companies. These placements must feature a bibliographic element and serve as research training opportunities to help students work towards future doctoral qualifications.

  • Work placements for student engineers, many of whom have a DUT (diplômes technicien supérieur=higher education technology degree)
  • - Eligibility profile: 1st or 2nd year engineering college students (Baccalaureat +3 years of studies, Baccalaureat +4 years of studies)
    - Duration : from 1 to 12 weeks
    - Placement schedule: weekends, university year holidays (during the academic university year and the summer months).