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Training facilities

The facilities are both:

  • of professional quality,
  • accessible (many free-to-access rooms and externally-accessible online facilities),

with a considerable range of available software. The ENSSAT Computing facilities are provided in addition to the numerical Rennes 1 University work system.

Cage de Faraday à l'Enssat

Strong user engagement

The student-engineers are fully authorised to use the facilities (free access to all practical work rooms from 7am to 11pm, 7 days a week outside of holiday periods) and are also involved in discussions relating to future changes (technical discussion forum with topics such as ‘which software packages should be added for the next academic year?’).

Well-balanced technical solution selection

The choice of technical solutions made available to students to enable them to familiarise themselves with the « industry » tools they will use in their professional careers relies on a balance of:

  • specialised teaching models designed to demonstrate concepts pragmatically (networks, logics, optics);
  • solutions based around software packages (« linux », « eclipse », « mysql », etc.), used increasingly by companies.

Using professional solutions

The use of high-level professional software packages enables students to become familiar with the main tools used within each specialised field (« matlab », « cadence », « synopsys », « mentor graphics », « etas », « rose », etc.). Many of these tools are acquired within the context of established partnerships with major software publishers (« IBM Academic Initiative » programme, « Microsoft MSDNAA » programme, « HEP MentorGraphics » programme).

Renewing and adapting

A regular renewal and adaptation of technical evolution resources.

Facility accessibility

Almost the entirety of ENSSAT’s Computing resources (« mysql » server, « flexlm » server, etc.) and those offered by the Rennes 1 university (numerical work system) can be accessed externally.

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility room (CEM)
  • Multimedia language laboratory
  • Optics practical work rooms

Audio-visual and Visio conference facilities for standard use but also for distance training (for example, for Master lessons with Telecom-Bretagne and the Rennes 1 University), thesis presentations in France and abroad, management project presentations…

Salle de téléprésence immersive de l'Enssat