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Adjustment semester

Since it was founded, ENSSAT has always managed to homogenise students from different previous academic backgrounds by starting its training course with an «adjustment» semester. This semester offers students the opportunity to acquire the additional knowledge they need (in mathematics and/or technological subjects).

For L2 and intensive foundation degree students, a core training programme runs until Christmas enabling students to find out more about the school’s 3 specialised courses. Working towards the completion of a multidisciplinary technological project acts as a common thread throughout the lessons (methods and design, analogue and numerical electronics, computing, photonics).
At the end of this term, students select their speciality and acquire more in-depth knowledge up until the end of the semester.

Subject Modules
Digital systems Components and electronic functions. Numerical systems.
Computing C-language Algorithms.
Unix: usage and graphical context.
Photonics Components and optoelectronic systems.
Discovering ENSSAT’s specialised courses Professional conferences.
Multidisciplinary project.

Students who have already completed technical higher education degrees, select their specialised training course when they join the school. The first semester enables them to improve their mathematical abilities and design methodology by taking part in the multidisciplinary project. The lessons also complete their technological knowledge in a manner that is in keeping with their academic background and choice of specialised course.

Post-baccalaureat speciality Digital systems Computing Photonics
R&T, GEII Computing Computing Optics
Info Computing Electronics dependant on curriculum
MP Computing dependant on curriculum Optics

All students attend social and human sciences lessons. Themed studies focusing on subjects related to the 3 ENSSAT specialities are also completed during this semester.

Subject Modules
Social sciences English
Financial management
Physical and sporting activities
Engineering Methodology Themed studies
Design Methodology
Engineering ethics