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Summer school

Connecting your IoT devices

Are you interested in the fields of digital engineering? Do you want to learn more about the IoT devices? ENSSAT summer school is meant for you. Join us for an exciting and rewarding experience in the beautiful region of Brittany, Lannion, France. Held at ENSSAT, a French graduate engineering school part of the Grandes Écoles within Rennes university.
Take the opportunity to enrich your academic skills, earn 4 credits, meet lifelong friends and have fun during our social activities.

Dates: 3-week-summer school
June 12th to 16th (online courses)
June 20tt - July 4th 2023 (in situ)

4 ECTS (local grades)

Application deadline
May 15th

Full price: 1050 €
Costs cover tuition fees, social events and social dinners, visits, accommodation, meals (breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks)

Organizing unit
ENSSAT / Rennes 1 university
Eco-counter (corporate partner)

Language of instruction

Course Location
Lannion (Brittany), France

Target group
• Advanced Bachelor and Master students, in the field of Digital Sciences and Technology (Electronics, Computer Science...).
• Skills in C language and signal processing basics will be welcome.

The "Connecting your IoT devices" Summer School is organized to offer 4 ECTS in the fields of digital electronics, embedded software and networking for IoT. Both hardware and software aspects of IoT will be presented and discussed during the school, and hands-on practical courses will allow attendees to familiarize with IoT standards. The project will enable you to solve a societal issue with the support of a local company called Eco-Counter which provides solutions to analyse the flow of pedestrians and bikes around the world.

Course leaders
Olivier Berder, ProfessorProf. Olivier Berder and Dr. Matthieu Gautier are Professor and Matthieu Gautier, Associate Professor Associate Professor, respectively, both at IUT Lannion - Rennes 1 university. Their research activities are in the two complementary fields of embedded systems and digital communications for energy efficient wireless systems.
They conducted researches in the IoT field for more than a decade and published together more than 40 scientific papers in that field.

The summer school provides theoretical and practical lessons about recent advances in enabling technologies for smart devices leveraging sensors, electronics and future wireless transceivers, systems and networks in scenarios such as IoT, Industry 4.0, Cyber-Physical-Systems (CPS), autonomous vehicles, robots or UAVs.

Students will discover the various aspects of a smart device, from the sensors themselves to the data processing and transmission. Classical IoT standards will be detailed (BLE, ZigBee...). Long range communications (LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IoT...) will be also investigated.

Practical lessons will consist in a team project whose aim is to develop a prototype for innovative IoT applications. Each small groups (4 people) will conduct the full project: from the application specifications to a demonstration of their prototype. The prototype will be based on various sensors and wireless transceivers plugged to Arduino motherboards.
This project will also give you the opportunity to solve a societal challenge to measure human activities with the best energy efficiency and reasonable resource use.
A final presentation is foreseen. After passing the presentation ENSSAT will register the course as an official exam of 4 ECTS.

French lesson courses
Dr. Nathalie Caradec, French language teacher Some lessons will be organized to give you some introductory basis to the French language and some cultural insights about the Breton culture

Course leaders: Dr Nathalie Caradec,
French language teacher

Carine Hutton, Director and teacher at
the language school English Connect

Intercultural communication

This course will enable you to enhance your intercultural awareness and improve your communication skills in participating in active workshops

Course leaders: Zdeněk Janik, professor at Masaryk University,
Czech Republic, specializes in teaching and research in
intercultural communication and intercultural students' experience
Claire Le page, director of international relations at ENSSAT

Claire Le Page, director of
international relations at ENSSAT


Green IT

Digital technologies have multiple impacts on our natural environment: energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, resource depletion.
The purpose of this training is to provide learners with theoretical and practical bases to analyze the environmental impacts of equipment or services over their entire life cycle with a view to reducing them.

Course leader: Philippe Quémerais, sustainable development coordinator

Find the programme of the summer school > here <


Eco-counter logo

With over 20 years of experience, Eco-Counter is the global leader in pedestrian and cyclist counting solutions. Our temporary and permanent, urban and rural people counting solutions count and classify pedestrians and cyclists using discreet, advanced, patented sensor technologies. Automated count data is a powerful tool to capture daily and seasonal usage trends, justify investments, communicate with stakeholders and much more. From bike counters deployed on the busiest cycle tracks of New York City, to trail counters in remote regions of the French Alps, Eco-Counters are trusted around the world.

How we take part in the project:

It is the DNA of Eco-Counter to help cities develop active travel modes (walking and biking) using data. This is why we wanted to challenge participants to build the best sensor for smart city planners and the environmental challenges they face. This means creating a device providing useful data in this context, with the lowest carbon footprint possible, while respecting individual privacy.

Our summer school will make your stay enjoyable thanks to many social and cultural activities. You will discover the town of Lannion, share some nice meals, try local food.

Photo du centre-ville de Lannion dans les Côtes d'Armor

Close to the lovely coast of the pink Granite coast, we will take you on a cruise to the Seven islands. You will be able to experience golf, kayaking or just relaxing on the beach.

Photo d'une plage de Beg-Léguer à proximité de Lannion, Côtes d'Armor

An optional trip will be offered to visit the spectacular site of the "Mont-St Michel" (transportation extra-cost 50€).

Photo du Mont St-Michel

You will be hosted in the University technology dormitory not far from the center of Lannion. The rooms are individual and have been recently renovated. The rooms are non-smoking, nicely furnished and contain bathrooms. Bed linen and towels are supplied. Free internet access is available.

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Claire Le Page
Director of international relations

+33 (0)2 96 46 90 17

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